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Ph: 720-470-7250 


Christine R O’Donnell and her firm provides a 360 degree approach to retirement planning focusing on: 

  • protecting and growing assets safely
  • maximizing Social Security benefits
  • preparing for increasing long-term care and nursing facility costs
  • effectively transferring wealth to loved ones
“More than ever, it is vital that we take a look at every aspect of retiring to be sure we are doing what is right for our clients.” - Christine
As an independent consultant, Christine has the freedom to work with any financial institution offering various competitive solutions. Her recommended strategies are driven solely by her clients’ best interests.
Christine was motivated by her own experience with her Dad who was diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after announcing retirement—an unforeseen diagnosis for which he was completely unprepared. She watched him lose not only his life, but his entire life savings, as he spent down to cover his medical and nursing home expenses over the course of six years. A little planning and preparation could have helped protect his retirement and pass on his assets to his loved ones instead.
She believes in strong, ongoing client relationships by following up regularly and making adjustments as client needs change. “Personal relationships are what get me up in the morning. I love working with like-minded clients who
believe in minimizing risk and exploring sensible growth options that stretch their retirement dollars.”
Christine has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park and a professional designation from the Institute for Organization Management (IOM) through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She holds her insurance license in Colorado where her busy practice includes collaboration with other advisors, tax experts and estate planning attorneys.
Christine has conducted hundreds of retirement planning workshops throughout Colorado and was a recent guest on Denver’s “Seniors on the Move” radio program.
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